Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Violet Posey

It's violet season again! My mother Martha has brought me two posies of violets to tincture, she has an abundance of them coming up in her garden. The bouquet on Saturday was rather large and thus I was able to capture lots of photos of the tincturing process which I will share shortly. I went a little overboard taking photos and thus have quote a few to edit. In the meantime here is a little preview.

The scent of these little heart shaped leaved perennials is intoxicating an fresh, green, floral fragrance that was very popular during the Victorian era. Ruled by Venus, the plants are usually found in Northern climes near banks of water and edges of wood. Here in sunny and hot Southern California they do well in gardens with robust soil that are kept moist during their blooming cycle.

Violet flower is not available as an ingredient for the authentic, botanical perfumer. The note can be approximated with Orris root and other flowers, but nothing quite compares to the scent of a fresh bouquet!

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These photographs are copyright Roxana Villa, if you wish to use them please contact me.

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