Friday, February 6, 2015

Pre-Plant Dye Prep

In preparation for tomorrows plant dye experience Mona has been pre-dying some of the little square kerchiefs which will be dyed a second time to add some magenta hues over the existing color.

I must admit that the pre-dyed silks are pretty cool on their own. I've already fallen in love with a few that I'm not sure if I will be adding magenta to or not, the one with the elemental bee face is currently hanging in the lab space of the perfumery. 

Today I became smitten with this one below in the center that has California lobata oak leaves with another elemental bee/insect type shadow being in the center. Don't worry if you don't see the elementals I see, or see something different. I tend to see, and smell, things that others don't and vice versa.

The ones with just rose leaves are stunning too....and, as stated above, Mona is making more this evening. So many possibilities!

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