Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Color Wheel

When I worked out what I wanted to communicate through Roxana Illuminated Perfume as a brand there was an element of the artistic and creative at the core, since that's my history, or what I like to say "her"story.

So, I choose a color for each perfume, at the time this was a somewhat novel approach. Over the years color has become a bit of a challenge because it involves seeking out crochet thread and matching wax. Sometimes this a fun challenge, sometimes it can be frustrating and prolong the debut of perfumes.

As I work on my wholesale pricing, line sheets and display materials it occurred to me that since each perfume has a color I would bring that quality into the arrangement of glass domes. Thus Martha has made little round circles that go on the bottom of the base for each perfume. By having color instead of a word or cards people won't "pre-judge" the fragrance they are about to experience. This works perfectly here in the perfumery, since I guide individuals through the process at the scent bar. However, it may not work in most retail settings, we shall see. I do realize I've got some pretty outrageous goals for us sentient beings, but what the heck, there's no other path than to keep on pushing the evolutionary possibilities within my brothers and sisters while we are here.

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