Saturday, March 28, 2015

Do It in the Dark

Thanks to one of my local fan Peggy, who reminded that today is EarthHour, that once a year happening where we deepen our awareness of the planet we collectively reside on and refrain from lights (including computers and cell phones!) for one hour.

It's pretty interesting that as a species this is so difficult for us to do. This collective, simple action provides a great opportunity to sit in candlelight with a glass of wine, as Peggy suggested to me, and enjoy sixty sacred moments.

The scent related to this experience is Terrestre, crafted in 2009 as an act of honoring Earth. Read more about this earthy, blossoming earth fragrance at this link here at the journal. The illumination that accompanies this aromatic potion was originally created for the Vespertina music album by the Maestro.

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