Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May Class Schedule & related Event

Here are the two upcoming classes Greg and I have slated for May and a monthly Art Event inside the atrium of the Whizin Market Square.

IT'S ELEMENTAL, an ongoing exploration
Date: Saturday, May 9th and May 31st
Time: 2pm to 3pm
Suggested donation $15 / Reserve your seat by pre-paying $15
Each class is limited to approximately 15 students
Scents contain mysteries and revelations. In both alchemical and mystical systems the elements are used as a simple structure for classification based on the sensory world mirroring that of human physical, emotional and psychological understanding. These elemental attributes of earth, air, fire and water can also be applied to scents. In this experiential ongoing class, Roxana will be your guide to explore a palette of high vibrational essential oils, what their elemental properties are and how to use them in our lives to facilitate greater understanding. Please come unscented - do not wear perfume or cologne - with paper and pencil to begin our journey into the ancient, richly woven tapestry of aromatic knowledge.  Class includes a handout and a 10% discount to use at the perfumery on the day of the event. This is an ongoing exploration.

Date: Friday, May 15th
Time: 7:00 to 11:00pm

A monthly live art event here in Agoura Hills bringing some of Southern California’s best emerging artists forward.  Walk along the atrium at the Whizin Market Square and see these artist create street art paintings right before your eyes. Featured artist in the gallery this month is NOISE. Live DJ and opportunity to purchase red wrist bands for wine at Blue Table Wine & Cheese Bar to support the event.

The perfumery will be open during this event, stop by to experience a dose of nature in a beautiful, inspiring space.

Date: Saturday, May 24th with Greg Spalenka
More details coming soon

The words, "Know Thyself" were chiseled into the stone of the ancient temple at Delphi but what do they really mean? Have you ever felt like a boat adrift at sea with no direction or focus, unclear about career goals or yearning for a deeper meaning to your existence? 

Greg Spalenka will be your guide as you and the group dive into the temple of your hearts and open the doors to powerful wisdom that will help answer these questions, revealing the purpose of your life. In addition to accessing the clarity of who we are, you will learn how to create a symbol that represents this sacred part of ourselves. This workshop is for all who want to live an inspired and fulfilling life: Bring a pencil and paper and get ready for some transformation.

To deepen the experience Roxana will bring several essential oils with attributes assigned to each virtue to facilitate transformation and connection to the divine source within each of us.

Opening image: Pythia of the Oracle of Delphi by John Collier. If we constructed a scent for that first image we would use: one drop of choya for the smoke element and to bring in a bit of the sea and lightening; bay laurel; mitti attar for the earth; frankincense and sandalwood; for higher consciousness and some Greek and California white sage for purification. Want some? Attendees of this class will receive a free container.

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