Friday, May 15, 2015

GreenWitch and the Shire

A customer yesterday sent me this message: "I discovered your perfumes through a two-page review in the weekend magazine of one of the Norwegian newspapers, written by a perfume connoiseurs. He claimed that your perfume, Greenwitch, is evocative of what Tolkien's Shire would smell like."

After an exhaustive search I found the author and article. It was published in January 2015 in D2 Magazine by Bjørn Brochmann a perfume columnist, and extraordinary illustrator. Bjørn had originally contacted me in 2010 about an article on organic perfumes. Although he did a full interview, the article was never published, instead he did a write up on GreenWitch with a lovely illustration.

According to Bjørn the article “discuss the pros and cons of synthetic and natural perfumery, talk about fantasy literature (and The Hobbit) and finish with the following lines: "While there are many perfumes I admire primarily as aesthetic achievements, there is something intimate about Roxana Villas perfumes. Not perfect, but personal - as if I’m allowed to smell through her nose. She defends her right to be unruly and imprecise, and this is where she shines; not as an ecologically correct "natural" nose, but as a nose with a gift for the natural.”

I'm not sure if its a positive review or not, none the less, it brought in customers and all press is good.
Here is the link, although full access is denied unless you are a subscriber.

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