Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rosa solid is back in stock!

Rosa, the perfume created in honor of the California wild rose is now back in stock in her luscious creamy version. The new edition was created using the same formula and pretty much the same exact vital plant essences as in the previous version.

One thing I have noticed when a new edition is fresh is that the aroma will be much lighter than an older edition. When the Rosa synergy is fairly fresh you will notice more dominant top notes with the rosy heart shining through crystal clear. When the formula has aged, more than 6 months to a year, the precious woods will create an earthy note that is not perceptible when it so young. This is the alchemy of pure, botanical perfume.

"A 3 to10 ft. tall clone-forming shrub with arching, dense, prickly stems.  It is frequent to locally common in moist places in shaded canyons, riparian woodlands and chaparral of the San Joaquin Hills, Santa Ana Mountains and foothills (Roberts).  Flowering Apr-July.  Native Americans ate the buds, flowers, fruits and seeds and made medicine from roots, petals and leaves.  Young wood was used for arrow shafts."1

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