Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lyra is back!

Lyra is back in all formats: solid, perfume extrait and the new eau de parfum! The difference between the three is in the base materials and concentration. The solid contains beeswax, jojoba and an infusion where as the extrait and EdP are in 190 proof alcohol. The difference in the concentration of the two liquids is subtle. Since the extrait is meant for "dabbing" and the EdP is for spritzing the fragrance strengths of these two versions will be dependent on individual perception. I have found that the extrait is stronger but more localized, where as since the EdP projects the aromatic molecules onto more surfaces the scent may be experienced

Next up will be Cimbalom, the new edition of the solid is ready but I need to decant the eau de parfum and liquid. I'm also going to be formerly releasing Mellifera and Fleurish soon. I also have the new Gardenia enfleurage which is spectacular. All this, and more, with juggling the shop and new teaching venture...thus please be patient if I lag a little.

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