Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blossoms of Summer Event

"Blossoms of Summer" 
A Sensorium of Sensual Delights and Artful Musings. 

Roxana Illuminated Perfume, 
Whizin Market Hall in Agoura, CA
Saturday, August 29th
7:00 to 10:00 pm

A celebration to mark the debut of two highly anticipated fragrances associated with flowers of the season.

Mellifera is the part of the latin name for the honey bee translated as honey bearer of maker. The unisexy fragrance features notes of honey and wild flower meadows, the scent is evocative of the terrain where the winged alchemist collects the nectar to make her golden elixir. One of the dominant ingredients is Helichrysum italicum, also known as Immortelle or Everlasting, which contains fresh floral and warm herbaceous notes perfect for conveying a sun drenched meadow buzzing with bees.

Fleurish is a feminine, fresh floral bouquet featuring three types of jasmine. The scent is indolic, sensual and evocative of languid nights heavy with the hypnotic scent of these treasured night blooming white flowers. The perfume contains Jasminum auriculatumJasminum grandiflorum and Jasminum sambac. These sweet, white florals with varying notes of tea, honey, gardenia, leather and ripe fruits is paired with sandalwood, ambrette and kewda embellishing the luminous night sky with more depth.

The introductory sketches of Mellifera and Fleurish will continue to be offered at the perfumery and through the Fan Funding until sold out.

During the festivities we will have music played by esteemed composer Fritz Heede, a drum circle at 9:30 (bring something to bang on), and unique culinary delights including a platter from Blue Table Wine & Cheese Bar and local mead generously donated by Golden Coast Mead.

Greg is creating two new “illuminations” to accompany each perfume and will be working on a new chalk board drawing in the perfumery that night. Save the date, more specifics about our fellow participating friends to follow.


Unknown said...

It will be a marvelous night for a Moon Dance ! :-)

Illuminated Perfume said...

Yes, indeed it will! I'm intending we get some of the moon beams shining down on us from the top windows of the Atrium.