Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Equinox 2015: Discount Code

This transitional day has many names including Autumn or Spring Equinox (depending on where you are located in the world), Mabon or Meán Fómhair. No matter the actual name it is a time to deeply breath in this sacred moment as we begin our preparations for the impending shift in the seasonal year when the sun is aligned precisely over the equator.

Early recorded and non-recorded beings on Earth perceived this day as very special and built monolithic sites specifically for it. Our "his" stories tell us tales that these ancient beings were primitive, human and nothing better to do. Well, as usual, I disagree with these histories and prefer alternative her stories with points of view referring to heightened fields of energy, portals to other dimensions and elevated consciousness.

To assist in the transition I am offering a 10% discount on round tins of solid perfume. Use the word Mabon at checkout on the website only. All perfume tins, including the brand new Mellifera & Fleurish are part of this celebratory passage.

If you are in the part of the world, like me, that is moving into darkness and cold, than I suggest the warmer, heavier scents like:
Figure 5: Bois
Figure 1: Noir

Those of you in the southern hemisphere moving toward the light might want more floral and fresh fragrances like:
Gracing the Dawn
Hedera helix

If you are looking for something in between, than Mellifera is a good choice. Personally I don't pay much attention to the season, I prefer to go with my nose and what I desire in the moment. Lately I'm all about Fleurish, I can't get enough.

Take advantage of the special 10% off for 24 hours only. Happy Equinox!

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