Monday, March 21, 2016

Webinar for the Art of Botanical Perfume Online Course

After a week of editing Greg and I have finished the webinar for the Art of Botanical Perfume Online Course and uploaded it to YouTube. Enjoy and please share...

We are having some massive team and technical challenges getting the videos finalized. So far Module 1 is live with the video forthcoming. Intending Module 2 will be arriving soon. I had no idea that there would be so many challenging with having videos made. Still working on figuring out what the lesson here is? Might just be letting going of professionalism and perfection, and learning that getting a great, reliable team when embarking on a project of this scale is so important.

Art of Botanical Perfume Online Course

I created a special essence kit for the course, which is mentioned in the video with a link at the course page. The labels, stickers, folded booklet etc. have been all custom designed and are being printed as I type. Thus, the kits will be sent out next week which is in plenty of time before the students will need them for the debut of Module 5: Olfactory Awareness in mid April.

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