Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Return to Scent

Authentic botanical perfume provides individuals with a path to return to the scent realm. Large amounts of people have given up on fragrance because synthetics permeate the marketplace from laundry detergent, dryer sheets to face creams. Gosh companies are even offering business cards with synthetic fragrance.

Individuals who have courageously ventured into authentic botanical perfumer are so grateful to finally have discovered an alternative to the chemical haze of so many fragrances, even those labeled as "natural".  Don't even get me started on the greenwashing of terminology such as natural.

Since individuals with a heightened awareness of health and scent are my ideal customers I'm on a constant quest as how to build bridges to them. I've noticed that the word "perfume" implies something other than what my ideal customer is searching for, thus I often wonder if I need an altogether new word, or set of words.

Somehow the right people find me, or I find them and then a sweet intersection occurs benefitting both artist and consumer. Here's a sweet testimonial from a convert, with a little editing...

"Roxana not only has her perfume down to a beautiful art form, but her business is a lovely and impressive science. What rich, well thought out packaging...even for tiny little samples! Colour-coded cards for samples are included with descriptions of scent type, so you won't wonder which sample is which. The handwritten note is a thoughtful personal touch. :) And if lush packaging doesn't convince you to try, then there is Roxana's luxuriously-blended scents. Mysterious Vespertina smelled best on my skin, but my husband and I liked Aumbre just as well as it smells like the bakery we run at the end of the day: honey-sweet with vanilla hanging as a reminder in the air. For someone like me with severe chemical sensitivities, it was fabulous to wear a beautiful scent again without being ill. Thank you, Roxana!"

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