Thursday, February 23, 2017

Goddess Rising

Here are a few photos from our event this past Saturday at the perfumery. The day before we had a heck of a storm which caused several power outages throughout the area, mudslides, trees down and even a crazy sink hole in Studio City! Since the weather report claimed the storm would be gone by Saturday we choose to move forward with the event.

The day before Greg created a chalk drawing on the board in the teaching space to infuse it with the imprint of Venus, in this case The Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

Gina from Blue Table Wine and Cheese Bar provided us with a cheese and fruit plate as well as apricot mango mimosas. We had intended guava mimosas but I couldn't find any guava juice at my local markets so we went for the yellow fruits which was delicious, thanks to Gina!

Our local intuitive Draza Jansky provided free readings for the attendees, here she is in my lab with Trina Watson.

I opened the "presentation" portion of our day by having all of us drink a absolutely glorious jasmine sambac hydrosol that was distilled with water from a waterfall in Hawaii. Draza shared a bit about her work as a life coach and her meditation system, she also provided us with a collective reading.

The jasmine sambac elixir I shared at the event is for sale, I will be listing it on the site shortly, if you want to come and have a sample of it misted on your face please send me a note to schedule a sacred moment at the perfumery.

Donna brought several racks of her comfy yet elegant clothes for sale. During her presentation she explained how she creates her clothing from fabric to finish in downtown Los Angeles. I wear Donna's clothing everyday and refer to them as my DonnaYums because they feel like a second skin.

Next up was Monika, one of my students who I am so very proud of! Monika has recently launched her completely botanical/organic/ handmade personalized skin care line, Mala Apothecary, using the same details as me when it comes to creating and sourcing her materials. Her products are custom designed specifically for you after a quick phone call or filling out her an online questionaire.

At the end of our day Donna, Monika and I posed like the Venus behind us, as you can see Donna was instructing Monika and I on how to be demure and strike the pose correctly.

Due to the crazy weather and power outages we are contemplating doing the event again in March. If this is something that interests you please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a note.

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