Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alchemy Panel Discussion, Distill your Own Hydrosols & Hydrosol Encounter

As part of the Alchemy & Medicine of the Soul workshop we have three other happenings taking place all within the Santa Monica Mountain area. Please note there is limited space available for some of these events, be mindful to grab your seat while they are available!

with Cathy Skipper, Dr. Florian Birkmayer, John Steele and Roxana Villa
April 20th, Thursday evening

The word alchemy is often associated with essential oils due to the transformation of physical matter through the process of distillation. Historical origins of alchemy point back in time suggesting that Hermes Trismegistus, which in Egypt was called Thoth was the father of the art.

Learn more about the different points of view on alchemy and its relationship to essential oils, aromatherapy, botanical perfume, psychology and altered states in this unique panel discussion.

Free to attend with RSVP
Location: Canoga Ave., Woodland Hills, CA

with Cathy Skipper and Dr. Florian Birkmayer
April 21st, Friday 3pm-6pm

The process of obtaining the essence of a plant through the process of distillation goes back in History to the early alchemists in Egypt. In this afternoon workshop we will distill native plants personally selected and harvested with Cathy and Florian.

The word hydrosol, ‘hydro’ water and ‘sol’ solution means water solution and refers to the fact that a hydrosol is water that contains plant molecules and is produced alongside essential oil in the process of steam distillation, it is sometimes referred to as flower water.

With a small, portable, inexpensive, copper still, Hydrosols are easy to make, much safer and easier to use than essential oils and have great potential for use both in physical ailments and when working on a subtle, emotional level.

Mankind has distilled plants in order to extract their aromatic core for thousands of years and there is evidence that all the major civilizations used this form of extraction.

Making one’s own hydrosols and being a part of the process from the harvesting to the final product is not only easy with a small home still but also extremely revealing. The plant seems to open up on another level allowing us to come into contact with its healing vibration with ease and clarity, thus deepening our knowledge and intuitive information about it. There is a time for everything and although there are herbalists that have been distilling and using hydrosols regularly for years, I believe that now is the time to integrate their use into regular practice, they do not replace other forms of plant preparation but add a precious element to the medicinal plant tool box.

The one-day introduction to Hydrosols will include:

  • Practical distillations
  • Learning what constituents a hydrosol
  • How to use hydrosols

DATE and TIME: Friday, April 21st in Topanga Canyon, CA from 3pm - 6pm

LOCATION: Details provided upon registration.

Please arrive unscented. Be mindful of laundry, cosmetic and bath & beauty products on this special day. We need to keep our palettes clear and free of odorants and be respectful of the flora and fauna we will be working with.

with Cathy Skipper and Dr. Florian Birkmayer
April 24th, Monday evening 7pm - 9pm, Blue Table, Agoura Hills, CA

As part of the Alchemy & Medicine of the Soul weekend workshop we are offering an evening encounter with hydrosols, led by Cathy Skipper & Dr Florian Birkmayer MD.

During the distillation process plant matter gently imprints the water with its molecular trace particles resulting in an aromatic water that is useful in skin care, therapeutic applications, refreshing sprays and in cooking. Although these "waters of life" are part of daily life in our recent past, hydrosols are one of the lost arts that is now circling back and finding a home as a new form of aromatherapy. The waters that result from distillation have been described as “the soul of the plant”, able to transmit non-verbal messages, bypassing the thinking mind

In this informal gathering at Blue Table in Agoura Hills, we will explore the transformative subtle frequencies of several hydro distilled elixirs. Our focus will be the emotional and spiritual "properties found in the barely detectable aromatic trace molecules which exist in concentrations of parts per billion, bringing the worlds of matter and spirit."

"Drinking exotic plant hydrosols such as Jasmine Sambac, Blue Lotus, Golden Champa and Frankincense is an immersive experience which is exquisite, both in smell and taste. These plant teachers invite us to participate in a subtle, yet often euphoric, aromatic conversation with the natural wisdom of botanical intelligence."

Join us in this profound inquiry into the relationship between smell and higher consciousness — and feel it spark into your own work. Celebrate the extra-ordinary in the moment as you feel yourself elevated by botanical intelligence.

DATE & TIME: Monday, April 24, 2017, 7pm-9pm

LOCATION: Blue Table at  Whizin Market Hall, 28914 Roadside Dr, unit #219, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, find a map here.

Please arrive unscented. Be mindful of laundry, cosmetic and bath & beauty products on this special day. We need to keep our palettes clear and free of odorants.

“With an increased floral consciousness, 
humans will begin to make full use of their ‘light brain’ 
and make more refined and sophisticated use of their ‘smell brain.’ 
The two are portentously linked. 
In fact, they overlap to such an extent that they may be considered inseparable.”
~ Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume 



The panel discussion is free and open to everyone who RSVP's in advance. If you are registered for the Alchemy & Medicine of the Soul workshop the class on distillation is included in your tuition. If you would like to attend the Hydrosol Encounter, the fee is $40 which covers all the expenses, including the very special and unique hydrosols we will be sipping.

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