Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nurture with Nature

This Tuesday evening, March 14th from 6:30 - 8:00pm, I will be giving a free presentation at the perfumery titled "Nurture with Nature" as part of Dr. Nimira's Essential Connections monthly group. As women, connection is a vital thread that keeps us whole and feeling our best.

Essential Connections was designed as a once a month reboot for self-care. A time where you can create those essential connections with like-minded women and create essential connections in your brain as you learn how to revitalize your health without overwhelming your schedule.

I feel honored to be the speaker this month and look forward to sharing gathered wisdom from the plant world. Through the pathway of scent we will explore a rich and vibrant terrain which includes mythology, history, the aromatic properties of flowers and why they are associated with love, attraction and evolution.

Come and engage in my collection of rare botanical essences, learn how they are obtained and experience first hand the ability of flowers to elevate our moods and consciousness. Inhaling floral bouquets are an inspiring and uplifting way to instantly connect with nature, providing the body, mind and spirit with an anchor into the here and now. This unique happening is a way to honor oneself and the collective we are part of.

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