Monday, March 6, 2017

Rain-date Sun-date

Due to popular demand...we are offering a RAIN date for our Venus inspired Goddess event! Please join us on Saturday, March 11th...for all those who were flooded, powered, or burned out from the rains!! We hope to see you on our SUN date at perfumery, everyone is welcome.

Below are the details from the original post from February along with a few additions, like chair massage! Read the re-cap of the first one we did during that crazy storm we had here in Los Angeles.

I’ve brought together some local sisters with like minds and hearts for a day of self love and nurturing! Just what you’ve been craving, an event devoted to Venus and inspiring the Goddess within each of us. 

Join a dynamic collective of women offering their wisdom and unique gifts.

Monika Peters, Goddess of Skin Care: Crafting a Seasonal Face Serum
Donna Malberger, Goddess of Wardrobe: Dressing From the Inside Out
Draza Jansky, Goddess of Insight: Practical Magic: Refining Your Intuition
Roxana Villa, Goddess of Fragrance: Scent as a Conduit

Saturday, March 11th - 10 am to 5pm
Presentation & Guava Mimosas* 11 am - 12 pm (limited seating)


From 10am to 1pm Draža Jansky is offering 15 minute sessions starting at $25.
Read more about Draza below.

~ AND ~

Alison Savior, owner and practitioner of Transformational Bodyworks, will be offering 10 minutes of chair massage work for $15. Her customized session will take place within the lab area from 1-4 PM.
Alison's a private massage therapy and healing sessions are grounded in detailed anatomy and medical massage studies, informed by Eastern energy medicine practices, backed by 30 years of professional experience and offered with compassion, precision and reliability.
She is credentialed in ten different massage and healing techniques.
Give a gift to your self and experience her healing hands.

Book in advance to guarantee your spots
Alison Savior: & Draža Jansky:

Roxana Illuminated Perfume
Whizin Market Hall
28914 Roadside Dr., Suite 219 
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

This event is FREE and open to everyone, both men and women. Keep in mind there is limited seating at the perfumery for the presentations and mimosas. If you would like to secure
a seat we recommend making a donation of $10 to reserve your spot!

10 am - 11am
Meet and Greet / Shopping

10am to 1pm
Draža Jansky is offering 15 minute sessions starting at $25.

11 am - 12 noon
Presentations (no shopping)

12 noon - 5pm Shopping

 1-4 PM
Chair massage with Alison $15 for 10 minutes of customized work within the lab area.


"Crafting a Seasonal Face Serum"
Monika Peters is a licensed holistic esthetician and beauty nutritionist. Specializing in skin health, one on one consultancy & custom organic hand crafted products. She will do a Pre- Primavera Vitamin C Serum making demo, showcasing the maceration process while sharing his wisdom on skin health, age regeneration and seasonal skin care.

"Dressing From the Inside Out"
Donna Malberger domestically designs and produces beautiful knitted, garment dyed fabrics for her gorgeous ready to wear line of clothing. Donna will share knowledge she has learned through intimately working with master stylist and color expert Jennifer Butler on how to choose clothing that works for your coloring and body type.

"Practical Magic: Refining Your Intuition"
Draza Jansky is an Intuitive Life Coach and Meditation Teacher based in Malibu Lake.
Draza will share simple meditations, rituals, and coaching techniques to help you access and refine your powers of intuition, insight, and awareness.
Learn to use your intuition to create a beautiful life experience, inside and out.
Draza Jansky

"Scent as a Conduit"
Roxana will share a few insights into working with flowers as medicine as we experience the ethereal yet powerful message of Jasmine sambac hydrosol. Collectively we will sip this extra-ordinary floral water enhancing mind and body but also facilitating a connection to the ever present Goddess
within us.

Mimosas and snacks provided by Agoura Hills Blue Table

The Birth of Venus artwork was created for us by Greg Spalenka. If you would like to have an image created of yourself please contact him directly Greg at The model is DirtFairy Morley.

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