Saturday, May 20, 2017

Phase Two: GREEN

Now that the perfumery has been moved and set up at home, I am in phase two of our move which consists of sifting through and packing up of our lives with a clear intent of putting this very cute mid century modern house on the market.

Although I mostly feel excited about the fertile adventure ahead, going through all "my stuff" has been quite depleting physically, mentally and emotionally! Not only am I in awe of how much I have amassed in the last seventeen years but mostly in the last three years since having the perfume workspace outside of the house. The furniture is all in storage for the moment. The decor items, many from Estate sales, thrift stores, received as gifts or found on the street are being evaluated. I definitely don't need so much lab glass (!), thus that's being put aside for a garage sale.

The most astonishing collection of items is amber bottles filled with different volatile liquids from finished perfumes, chords, individual essential oils, experiments, etc. Thus, I have decided to start including items in orders. Each week, beginning on Monday, I will share what will be offered on facebook, instagram and here at the journal. If it is something you would like get it included free with an order or purchase larger sizes until it is sold out.

The theme for this Monday is GREEN and I will be offering:

  • Spearmint and/or Cucumber/Lime hydrosol distilled late last Summer, both organic
  • A perfume experiment I called Verde, read more on Verde further in the post.
  • A BayRum cologne which includes essential oils along with tinctures of spices and herbs.
To receive the items above spend:
  • $25 choose a one ounce bottle of a hydrosol. 
  • $50 choose two bottles of hydrosols or a solid sample of Verde.
  • $100 choose four bottles of hydrosol, a 1 gram vial of Verde or a 4 gram bottle of the BayRum.
For orders over $100, use the criteria above to create your list, make sure to leave your selection in the "Notes to Seller" area when checking out or e-mail me.

Be aware that I may add items spontaneously as I find them while packing. Once an item is sold out there is no more, unless I have the formula and can re-create it.

I will also post the hydrosols, Verde and the BayRum on the site to be ordered individually.

At the moment I have not found the formula for Verde, thus all I can share is that, to my nose, it is a primarily green scent with notes of sweet tobacco and flowers. Some of the individual essences I am able to discern are fir absolute, choya and a floral component coming from jasmine, ylang ylang, boronia or perhaps all three. However, I could be completely wrong and the floral fruity component might just be the way the fir absolute has melded over time with the other essences. More than likely the formula is in one of the binders that was already boxed up. I never released Verde because I felt it needed more complexity and also I hadn't created a story for the fragrance.

I have also started a fragrance along the same spontaneous way that Impromptu first came about, more on that shortly. Pictured above are a few of the bottles with aromatic liquids that have been poured into a larger bottle. So far ten different bottles have been poured out and into a perfume in the making which will, obviously, be a one of a kind.

Also, keep in mind that we are on a fast track to pack, fix up the house, stage it and sell. Since there are so many unknown factors with my workspace in flux over the next few months, please be patient and restock your favorite scents now.

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