Thursday, November 30, 2017

Figure 1 Noir Solid Perfume is back!

While searching through moving boxes filled with essential oils I discovered a big bottle of the synergy for Figure 1: Noir solid pure fume. I just listed the mini compacts in the brass, diamond pattern. I will list the other two designs shortly. If you would like Figure 1: Noir in another container and are cool with limited packaging embellishments contact me.

Here’s a descriptive paragraph I wrote about the fragrance a couple years ago:

Figure 1: Noir contains notes of the wet mossy earth found in an ancient cemetery in Prague where the bones of alchemists lay restless and waiting. Leaves, roots and woods thickly braided with enchantments invoked amongst creatures roaming wild. Lush, mouth watering fruits picked just before ripening when a hint of the sour is a perfect contrast to the impending, yet hidden sweetness of human skin.

Shop for the mini compact of Figure 1: Noir at my site or on Etsy. Read and see more about Figure 1: Noir at the Lookbook Greg and I created. Find the illuminated image Figure 1: Noir or Noir Woods at

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