Sunday, November 19, 2017

Santa Fe National Forest

A new friend and intuitive mentioned that the hard, rocky surface of the land here in Santa Fe can make ones entry rather challenging. Indeed, that has been the case for me as I migrate through finding a home and workspace while juggling several other fire balls.

Oh, and when you land, be mindful of the cactus.

The solace is in the beauty of the landscape, whether it's the adobe structures, the scent of the Pinon trees, the surreal skies, the flavors of the food, the fresh air, the art, the expansive vistas of the desert or the nearby forest....and a combination of several of those listed coagulating within the expanse of a few minutes. Yes, it's absolutely enchanting, like the state motto claims, and a healing balm when circumstances are not aligning as one intended.

After seeing an instagram photo by Geninne of the Aspen Vista here in the nearby Santa Fe, National Forest, I was intent on experiencing it for myself. By the time we got up there we found gold at lower elevations but up in the higher elevations most of the trees had already lost their leaves.

It was still worth the twenty minute, heavenly drive from our casita in Tesuque around the mountain, past Ten Thousand Waves and into the deep forest. For there was plenty of other treasures to be found amongst the deep grounding of the woodland. I'm absolutely ecstatic to have this vibrant forest so close by and look forward to spending more time with the trees, rocks, the land and fae folk.

Luckily my little Prius has had no challenges making its way up the roads, of course there has been no snow as of yet in the lower elevations. It may not matter since the main roads are cleared regularly, especially if I have all terrain tires, we shall see, more adventures ahead.

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