Sunday, November 19, 2017

Shop Update

While the hunt for a studio/home here in Santa Fe continues, I have been updating both my website and Etsy shop with available product. Many of my tools, raw materials, info cards, etc. are still in a storage POD in Albuquerque, thus I can only offer specific items at the moment.

For example I have the round tins for solid perfumes but I have not been able to track down the honey bee wax seals, thus in the meantime, those are not offered. However, if you want a solid perfume in a round tin and don't mind the missing wax seal or missing info cards, then contact me via e-mail and I'll make it up for you. (roxana at

In December we will be moving to a new rental where I will then bring more boxes from storage with the intention to get into regular production again. I have so many new ideas for perfumes, some of which I've already started working on.

In the interim, I have two potential spaces for the perfumery here in Santa, we shall see how that manifests. I've decided not to get attached to any outcomes in order to stay more sane and peaceful. It sure would be nice to take the chandeliers and all the other pretty items out of storage to be appreciated.

And yes, I continue to work on the online, updated version of the Art of Botanical Perfume as well as lots of other courses both online and live. If you would like to host a class in your area contact me.(roxana at

So, while I put some order to this chaos, contact me if there is something specific that you would like and I'll do my best to accommodate your desires.

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