Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Memory of a Cosmic Heart

Memory of a Cosmic Heart is a comprehensive project by my husband Greg Spalenka that includes music, visuals and a theatrical performance. Ten years in the making with his buddy Rob Jacobs and a team of incredibly gifted song writers, musicians, and opera class vocalists who contributed their talent to the eclectic classical, operatic, electronic musical fusion.

The music is just about finished with a grand plan for a multi-media theater project in the future. The first step is to get the musicians paid and some income to finish up the production, thus Greg created a crowd funding campaign here. Every little bit helps, thus if everyone could just spare $15 we could make this happen with grace and ease.

In support of the project I am creating a fragrance inspired by the story and music. The main note will be rose, since the main theme of the story and music is the heart. At this early stage I am planning to add frankincense and sandalwood for higher consciousness but also am mindful not to recreate Vespertina.

If after listening to the early versions of the music you have suggestions for notes of the fragrance please let me know, as your thoughts and feelings are always appreciated.

Greg is currently soliciting thoughts on the initial cover images he's created, please head over to his blog and provide your thoughts on which is your favorite.

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