Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Perfumery in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

After nine months since our arrival to Santa Fe, New Mexico I have finally located and signed the lease on a terrific space for the perfumery. FYI, none of the pictures posted here are my actual space, they have been taken from the website to give you dear readers a feel for the complex.

The location is a two story unit, similar to the one posted above, at the Lena Street Lofts compound that goes by the motto "Rust is a Must." The architecture has a modern/industrial theme playing off of what use to be an industrial area and the adjacent railroad tracks. Although the exterior has a bit of a rugged facade, the interiors are very clean and bright. Read more about the project and the rather visionary developer Rick Brenner at this article published in the Santa Fe New Mexican. One of the many benefits of renting here is that it is a green building uses solar panels, rainwater collection and my unit has radiant heated floors.

There has been a resurgence happening along the railroad tracks here in Santa Fe, with the most obvious being "The Railyard" which is home to our local movie theater The Violet Crown, the farmers market and a variety of galleries that were once on Canyon Road.

Dotted amongst the seven structures are about twenty seven businesses—including the infamous Iconik Coffee Roasters (pictured below),  a craft ice cream shop called La Lecheria which features some very eclectic flavors like black garlic, green chili and brown sugar red chili. There are also a host of other businesses including fitness, ceramic and artist studios.

My two story unit is an approximately 1300 square foot space in building A, a few doors down from the coffee house, pictured above. Like in Agoura Hills, it will be part studio, boutique and teaching space...which I am now calling a school.

I came across the location on Craigs List along with several others in different parts of the diverse city. In the end it was between a very sweet space in downtown and the one I settled on. Although I was drawn to the downtown location it was on a very tiny street and had no parking. I had also been told by a few respected restaurant and shop owners that the locals don't much like to go downtown because of the tourists, congestion, parking and traffic. Thus, after weighing all the options we choose Lena Street Lofts.

Stay tuned for details as I design and renovate the space to become the next manifestation of the perfumery, this time in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Lena Street Lofts photos from their website. Railyard water tower ©RoxanaVilla.


Brenda from LA said...

It looks fabulous. I am so excited for you. I can't wait to hear what classes you will be offering. YAY!

E. Richard said...

Congrats, Roxana. I have been looking forward to your new shop and your delightful essences.

Lindy said...

Another fabulous reason to visit Santa Fe! I wish you all the best success Roxanna! said...

Fantastic for you both~ all the best on your new journey~ will one day pass through for class or 2 ~ ;)

Maggie Emm said...

Congratulations - it looks great! Hope all goes well and you enjoy your new space x