Monday, September 10, 2018


After my last blog post rant about the mañana quality of Santa Fe, I am thrilled to share that the chandeliers and bookshelves went up last Tuesday—Hallelujah!

Since then Greg and I have been classifying all the books, first by putting them into different subject or genre piles followed by another layer of organizing once we determined where they would be placed on the shelf.

Yesterday's new moon in Virgo makes it a very auspicious time for details, especially if you, like me, are a detail-ist! Sometimes I feel like I can spend hours, days, weeks on all the teeny, tiny elements that go into creating beauty and harmony.

The new space is divided into three parts, like in Agoura, although much larger. The bottom level contains the boutique area and the school, which is where the shelves for the books are.

My lab/studio is up the stairs in a large loft type space where my three white tables are as well as a couch, a new rectangular worktable in the center of the space and a sink, yes a sink!! I've never had a sink in my studio before, this makes the cleaning up of lab equipment, mixing bowls, etc. quite easy. Once the space is more organized with fewer packing boxes I'll share photos that show more of the macro and less micro. Although, I tend to focus and photograph more of the micro, as you know.

Although we sold and gave away many of our books before leaving Los Angeles, we still have quite a large library, perfect for staring a school! Although I did not order enough shelves (ugh!) thus one more item to attend to while continuing to do the juggle dance of getting the new space in order.

A formal opening will take place on October 20th, from 2pm - 7pm in conjunction with an event happening at Lena Street Lofts, where the perfumery/school is located.

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