Monday, September 3, 2018

Magnify, Sanctify

Everyday I work on the new perfumery space tirelessly, sometimes obsessively, sandwiched between other pressing responsibilities and distractions.

We're ebbing toward an opening on the Autumnal Equinox, September 22nd. Santa Fe has a maƱana quality which can be frustrating for those of us who arrive here from big cities, which reminds you that is both a virtue and a hashtag patience. One arrives here with intentions but the land has her own ideas and will easily crush or spit you out ,if flexibility ain't part of your paradigm.

As of this evening I'm intending to get the electrician back here to finally hang the chandeliers and get all the book shelves up, both by the end of this week. We have, what seems like, hundreds of boxes of books to organize into different sections and make sure they all fit.

I'll check in here next week and let you know how things are coming along, in the meantime, mark your calendars—September 22nd is what we're aiming for, come hell or floods! So get those plane or rail tickets and head to the land of enchantment. While you're here I recommend daily hikes in the crystal clear mountain air, sunset gazing, soaking at Ten Thousand Waves & Ojo Caliente, savoring the diversity of tastes in this foodie town and just unwinding.

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