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Poetry of Scent & Color

Poetry of Scent & Color
The Alchemical Union of Plant Dye and Aromatics
A Workshop with Mona Lewis and Roxana Villa
Seats are limited sign up here
All materials provided.
Early bird registration $296 / $350 after August 25th

“There's something about materials like copper, woods, stone, trees, shells. 
You walk outside and these materials are part of the world before we touched anything. 
There's a feeling of pleasure that many of us have in materials 
that have some presence before us, like clay and wood and copper.” 
~ Jessica Stockholder

I am delighted to host a series of classes which include a weekend workshop with my longtime friend Mona Lewis. It was at the perfumery in Los Angeles where I invited Mona to do some workshops, those classes have set the cobblestones in place for this new series in Santa Fe. Mona and I both have a love of the natural world and the handmade object, she is a perfect fit for the School of Lost Arts.

The workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to deepen their relationship with making things with their hands, aromatic plants and their own healing journey. Join us for a memorable weekend of learning, sharing and aromatic inner healing... but please don’t delay in booking your place, as numbers are limited!

In this two day intensive we will:
1. Learn the foundations of alchemy and how the principals apply to plant color & scent
2. Create a color wheel using natural pigments, which we will reference for making your very own plant based fragrance.
3. Distill an aromatic scarf with images, colors and scents of New Mexico's beautiful earth & sky.
4. Make a custom botanical perfume from plants.
5. Perceive a greater understanding of the unity of these Lost Arts.

This workshop is intended to help participants develop a deeper and more personal, intuitive relationship with oneself and nature.

Mona Lewis
Workshop Co-Facilitator

Ms. Lewis, the conductor of this special day, uses ecologically sustainable contact print processes from plants as a means of exploring the amazing colors of nature and finding relevant, artistic applications. She has taught handwork for more than twenty years in the Waldorf Education movement sharing her love of natural color throughout the curriculum. She heads up the soft handwork section of Waldorf Initiative Practical Arts Teacher Training Program and holds continuing educational workshops for adults. Her students are individuals of all ages. Learn more about Mona's on Facebook Sunsprite Handwork and Instagram, and keep in eye out for her upcoming book "Natures Paint Box" about her plant dye experiences with children in the classroom.

Roxana Villa
Workshop Co-Facilitator

Argentina by birth, Roxana's family set their roots in Southern California when she was a young child. Roxana make perfumes that draw upon the ancient wisdom in nature creating a heightened sense of timeless elegance. Complex botanical fragrances are life enhancing and have the ability to deeply connect us to our own essential nature. She is on a mission to spread awareness of the many gifts we acquire from the plant world and teach others to do the same. She currently makes her home in New Mexico with her partner, Greg Spalenka where she has founded the School of Lost Arts and continues to work on a variety of projects.

Roxana and Mona share a core vibration in their love of nature, beauty and the handmade.


Make Your Own Locally Foraged Pigments: Friday, August 30th, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm am to 3:00 pm
All materials provided. Early bird registration $60 / $70 after August 25th

Poetry of Scent and Color: Saturday & Sunday, August 31st and September 1st, 2019 (2 days).
Times: 10:00 am am to 5:00 pm daily.
All materials provided. Early bird registration $296 / $350 after August 25th

• Basket Weaving With Locally Foraged Plants: Monday, September 1st, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm am to 3:00 pm
All materials provided. Early bird registration $60 / $70 after August 25th

Please note that the course fee is in all cases non-refundable and non-transferable.
Tel: 505-954-1450 for further info.


To book a place in the course, please submit your contact details and the course fee in any one of the following 3 ways:
• To book in person please contact Roxana to meet at the Perfumery.
• To book by making a credit/debit card payment, please follow the link to the website.
• To book by post, please send a cheque (payable to Roxana Villa) with your name, address, tel no and email address to: Roxana Villa, 1600 Lena Street, unit A6, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

For overnight accommodations near the Lena Street Lofts, we recommend the El Rey Inn on Cerrillos in Santa Fe. One of my recent students recommends the Econo lodge on Cerrillos Rd is a very well maintained property. The landlady is very hospitable and genuinely caring.  

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