Saturday, October 19, 2019

A Perfumed Bestiary, Letter E for Elephant, Part 2

The fifth fragrance in A Perfumed Bestiary series carries the ancient beat of the Elephant, strong yet gentle with the sweetness of community and harmony.

This perfume came together very easily. I began with Cypriol, also known as Nagamotha in Hindi, as the scent pairing/plant ally. Cypriol is a sedge from the Cyperaceae family that grows in moist areas like along riverbeds, ponds and in marshlands. The plant is native to India, like our beastie the Elephant.

The scent of Cypriol is rather intense and persistent, deeply rich and earthy with notes of wood, pepper and leather. The heaviness of the note is ideal for incense and meditative practices that help ground us to elemental earth.

I paired Cypriol with a total eleven other essences that are mostly base notes to evoke the earthy, grounded quality of the elephant as well as the leathery skin, these notes are derived mainly from from roots, woods, and resins.

If you haven't already signed up for the next limited edition perfume, this next one that begins with the letter F will take us into a completely different domain.

Each month you will receive a small amount of perfume inspired by a specific
imagined or barely imagined being from the animal kingdom.

The next fragrance will be shipped at the end of this month, October 2019.

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