Friday, November 8, 2019

A Perfumed Bestiary, Letter F for Faerie, Part 2

Spiraling round and round to an etheric, otherworldly realm that runs parallel to our own, is where we find the sixth fragrance in A Perfumed Bestiary series, with a few drops of mischievousness and a bit of glamour.

The skeleton of F for Faerie perfume is a chord gone wrong, originally intended for Gracing the Dawn and Green Witch. The name of this chord is "Fern", normally containing thirty different essential oils and one chord—indeed, you read that right, there is a chord within a chord.

Each time I go to make Gracing the Dawn from scratch, I first must check that I have all the chords ready, if not, they each need to be made and aged before beginning work on the final fragrance. Sometimes when I go to make a chord, I will accidently add more drops of an essence, like this messed up Fern chord that was the basis for F for Faerie.

I started this fragrance the same as the others in this series, by making a list of notes, essences and landscapes associated with our beastie, in this case, the Fae. My list included: woods, flowers, ferns, forest and mushrooms. As I wrote the word fern I remembered seeing a bottle labeled "Fern chord mess up", and what a great use for that chord this would be!

Finding the chord proved a bit tricky, perhaps the Fae had something to do with that, eventually located, I then pulled out the hand written formula and evaluated the fragrance. I then decided to add a few more notes to round out the initial chord. The final fragrance contains eleven essences and a chord comprised mainly of a bouquet of flowers along with oakmoss, seaweed, resin, seashells, wood, herbs and of course mushroom.

The scent/pairing ally is violet leaf in the form of an absolute, a very verdant note evocative of the luxuriantly lush and watery spheres we generally associate with the fair folk. On the skin the perfume has a gentle, diaphanous violet quality. I look forward to hearing scent impressions from recipients.

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Nils Olsson Blommer (Swedish, 1816-1853), Fairies of the Meadow, 1850
Photos ©RoxanaVilla

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