Thursday, November 28, 2019

Gratitude Sale

I'm so very grateful you're here, reading this post, it really means quite a bit that we get to stay in touch. As part of expressing my love and gratitude, I've created a special sale just for YOU that begins at midnight (mountain time) November 29th until December 2nd.

For every purchase of a solid perfume round bee tin from the list below you can choose a second for 30% off.  The special applies to the fragrances listed below, keep in mind that supplies are limited, as every single fragrance is handmade by me. Coupon code is GRATITUDE.

AUMBRE: Warm, spicy amber.
AURORA: An ambery, floral spice.
CHAPARRAL®: Herbaceous wild wood fire. (SOLD OUT)
CHIAROSCURO: Dark Jasmine: floral, spice, vanilla and patchouli.
Figure 1: NOIR: Feral, dark, red wine. An ode to patchouli.
Figure 5: BOIS: Mystic forest incense
FLEURISH: The hypnotic scent of night blooming white flowers.
IMPROMPTU: Smokey, herb, leather + lemongrass
LYRA: Sweet amber with lilac floral notes.
MELLIFERA: Sun drenched wild flowers.
PAGE 47: Jasmine, amber and driftwood.
VERA: A Chumash inspired ode to lavender.
VESPERTINA: A triad of ancient flowers with resinous incense.

As you are likely already aware, a daily gratitude practice is connected with greater health & happiness. I like to use plant fragrance as a way to connect to the moment and feel that infinite love that surrounds us, despite the craziness within this Matrix that we live in.

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