Thursday, May 14, 2020

The fabric of everything is beauty

This lockdown period, although excruciatingly painful, has been very beneficial in providing us with time to contemplate, even though some of us, like many of our awesome health care and other essential service providers continue to work.

While contemplating the oh so very wise words of the young, visionary medic Dr. Zach Bush I came to the realization of a few things:

  • Beauty has pretty much always been at my core, specifically the kind of beauty that has to do with harmony, whether it was as a little girl organizing my grandmothers spools of colored thread or my grandfathers drawer of nicknacks and 35 mm film canisters.
  • The reason creating beauty & harmony is so important to my makeup is because the act of putting things in order gives me a sense of peace, and yes is might have something to do with my Leo Sun, Taurus Rising, Pisces Moon, Libra in Venus, etc.
  • Thus as a teen I pinned magazine images on a small bulletin board in my room, a few years later that shifted to pasting images from magazines into sketch books. I would even take those books along with me when I traveled so that I could sit quietly and gaze at what I wanted to manifest.
  • Then I met Marilyn Neuhart, a Queen of beauty and harmony, who had huge pin boards in her cubicle at the design office with her husband John. From then on I abandoned the books and went back to the bulletin board idea, but used big pieces of homasote, a type of fiber board, so that the boards could be expansive, like Marilyn's.
  • That was in the eighties when “Vision Boards” were becoming popular in the lexicon of the transformation and personal growth movement.
  • The last piece of this puzzle was working with Jennifer Butler, who provided me with a color palette and themes that worked in harmony with my souls expression in the physical world.

The new realization, is that the act of creating beauty & harmony is healing, I bet that many of you reading this feel it too. The end product of creating the boards is of course the feeling of peace that comes from hanging out in your right brain, the realm of the feminine, but also that now you have something that acts as a pillar to support and nourish you.

Every morning I look forward to heading to the perfumery, my cocoon of beauty, it’s my happy place and am thrilled that it has become a happy place for many of you who have visited and will visit in the very near future.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a vision board. Start small, start online using Pinterest if necessary, but do it and watch what happens, here are my Pinterest boards.

The photo above is one of the pin boards here at the Santa Fe perfumery, in the top right corner is a magazine ad with Carmen Dell'Orefice, I included that image after Tom Ford asked me to be his “Carmen” as an extra on the set of Nocturnal Animals. Interacting with Tom was a highlight of my life which is evoked every time I see that photo and also has me aspire to age as elegantly as Carmen.

Here is a short video from the Art of Botanical perfume where I share the expansive pin board from the perfumery at the Agoura Hills perfumery.

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