Saturday, January 9, 2021

Amanita muscaria inspired perfume

After listening to a very magical story about the relationship between the Amanita muscaria mushroom, reindeer and Santa Claus by Paul Stamets I decided to make a Mushroom perfume.

In plant fragrance making we use a mushroom absolute, sometimes referred to as Cepes (Boletus Edulis), that provides a wonderful earthy, base note. This is one of my personal favorite materials to work with, a tiny amount adds depth and a mossy, dirty, vegetative quality to chords and perfumes.

The absolute is obtained by the solvent extraction of the Boletus edulis, a mushroom which is most often found growing under conifers, like the Amanita muscaria.

I have started working on a perfume which features Boletus edulis extract but also weaves in some of the magical aspects of the Amanita muscaria for the main story.

I highly recommend watch the Paul Stamets video below

When the perfume formerly debuts I will donate a portion of the profits to Fantastic Fungi

Thank you in advance for your participation and sharing the love & magic!!

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