Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Smell like an Egyptian

Exploring the Olfactive History of Ancient Egyptian Culture
with Dora Goldsmith

The olfactory landscape of ancient Egypt is like no other, revealing aspects of a culture where no boundaries existed with perfume, medicine & food. By examining the written sources left by the ancient Egyptians, we are able to dive deep into various aspects of this olfactory rich civilization.


In these fascinating series of classes, we will embark on a practical and mystical journey into the very heart of a civilization based on scent.

Egyptologist Dora Goldsmith will decipher texts for us as we study Egypt through multiple dynasties, exploring a panorama of scents and rituals from sacred temples, personal gardens and the afterlife.

A wonderful sensorial journey through ancient Egypt

"If you are interested in the history of the ancient Egyptians, alchemy, aromatherapy, herbalism and science, or are just curious, then this experiential course is a must! Egyptologist Dora Goldsmith takes you on a sensory journey of everyday life in ancient Egypt where you will not only enhance your knowledge of the rituals and ceremonies of this historically significant time, but also experience the unique scents associated with it. I would highly recommend buying the scent kits to accompany the course modules, which Dora has meticulously researched and prepared, as they will enhance your learning. It was only through making the perfumes myself that I truly appreciated this magnificent civilisation."

~ Paula M on May 10, 2021

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The SCENTS of EGYPT WORKSHOP SERIES is a comprehensive certificate program, taking place over seven weeks via LIVE* Zoom sessions with Egyptologist Dora Goldsmith.

Each class in this workshop series offers three hours, including live instruction with handouts and a dedicated hour for Q&A.

Aromatherapy practitioners receive: 3 NAHA CE credits per class.

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Unguent Cones
Temple Smells
Garden Scents
Scents of Lovemaking
Scents of Mummification & the Afterlife
Hknw, Meaning JOY

BONUS Class: June 6th, 2021: Smellscapes



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June 6th, 2021


In this two-hour lecture, we will go on a smellwalk in an ancient Egyptian city to uncover hidden realities unexperienced and unimagined.

The tour invites us to reorient our senses, so that visualization becomes passive and olfaction becomes active. Through focusing on the sense of smell we gain a new perspective on the ancient Egyptians’ interaction with their environment.

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Dora Goldsmith is an Egyptologist whose research focuses on the sense of smell in ancient Egypt. Based on the written sources, Dora investigates the ancient Egyptians' perception of the world through the sense of smell and recreates their smellscape. Her published works include the concept of stench in ancient Egypt (2019), the scents of mummification (2019) and the smellscape of ancient Egyptian cities (2020).

Dora gives lectures and workshops around the world accompanied by her scent reconstructions, where the long-lost world of the ancient Egyptians comes back to life through your nose. Two of her scent reconstructions, the Mendesian and the scent of mummification, have been exhibited in museums around the world.


Ancient Egypt Lives Again!

"If you've ever wanted to gain deep insight into the rich and complex culture of dynastic Egypt, this series of courses led by the brilliant, trail-blazing scholar, Dora Goldsmith, is an absolute must. Through seven, perfectly organized classes, the layered, and intertwining concepts surrounding scent in life, and in death, are fully explored. The creation and use of perfumes, incense, as well as flowers and food, are all illuminated via images, and beautiful ancient Egyptian texts. You also have the option of buying scent kits which are specialized for each class. (I ordered the Unguent and Aphrodisiac kits and I love them!) Do not miss this amazing opportunity!"

~ Kevin on April 25, 2021

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