Saturday, January 1, 2022

Twelve Principals of Regeneration

Mark Scisenti, a friend and chocolate maker, posted the following on his instagram page ->

"Are you worried about climate doom?"

Paul Hawkins has one word for you REGENERATION.

Regenration (noun)

To place life at the centre of every action and decision.

How do we do that in our lives?

Here are twelve guiding principals:

  1. Does the action create more life or reduce it?
  2. Does it heal the future or steal it?
  3. Does it enhance human well-being or diminish it?
  4. Doe it prevent disease or profit from it?
  5. Does it create livelihoods or eliminate them?
  6. Does ir restore land or degrade it?
  7. Does it increase global warming or decrease it?
  8. Does it serve human needs or manufacture human wants?
  9. Does it reduce poverty or expand it?
  10. Does it promote fundamental human rights or deny them?
  11. Does it provide workers with dignity or demean them?
  12. In short, is the activity extractive or regenerative?

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