Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy New Year from the oak woodland in Topanga State Park!

Time is perceived linearly, associated with duality, such as beginning and ending, day to night, birth to death, etc. The truth beneath this concept is quite different, instead of a line with a beginning and an end, time is complex, like an old growth oak forest.

I’m visualizing us at this new threshold, holding hands, walking together with open hearts and the power of the wild magick by our sides.

The Celtic word for oak is 'duir' meaning door. The archetype of the OAK is related to strength in all three realms -> the physical, the spiritual and the mind.

Longevity and fortitude of the physical body, and elevating our perception out of duality, to the spiritual realm.This concept stems from the wood being hard and dense, without rotting, along with the oaks vast root system. Adding to the idea of power and steadfastness is the oaks ability to withstand the strikes of lightning, amongst other severe conditions.

Tolkien referred to the ancient oaks as Ents, “shepherd trees”, in his epic and rather foretelling tale of a dark lord attempting to control Earth and her sentient beings.

Here are a list of symbols relating to the oak
  • Divine and inner strength
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Courage
  • Overcoming any problem, especially in terms of physical health
  • Protection at all levels
  • The recovery of self-confidence
  • Strengthening the auric field
  • Renewing vital forces
  • Balancing the energetic realms of the entire being

Anoint yourself with Q while intending these qualities, breath deep, connect with your inner oak, especially when you feel yourself being pulled off center by chaos. Now, focus on what you want to create!!

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