Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lunar Month of Oak

The Celtic Tree Month of Duir begins today. Duir meaning “door” is the Celtic name for Oak. The magick associated with the lunar month coincides with the upcoming celebration of Summer Solstice on June 20th. The Oak is the tree of the sun and is attributed to protection, strength, stability, fertility and success. Since it can withstand a lightning strike while remaining firmly rooted to earth, the Oak is also attributed with spiritual illumination. It is a tree revered by many cultures but in particular the Druids who held the Oak most sacred and worshiped under their large green protective canopies. The leaves, acorns, wood and bark of the tree has been used in magick as well as some herbal folk remedies.

There are over fifteen Oak species in California, the main types here in the Southern California Floristic Province are: the Scrub Oak, the Coastal Live Oak and the deciduous Lobata. Our botanical perfume pays tribute to the Coastal Live Oak. We have several on our property as well as surrounding us. In fact, we are in a Grove of Oaks that almost form a perfect ring. Las Pilitas, a nursery here in Southern California has a stragedy for reviving the beloved Oak Woodland that has been devastated by nonnative plants and development. Read about it here.

Celebrate this Celtic Lunar Month by becoming more conscious of the Oaks and acknowledging them in some way. Their great canopies are perfect for a shaded picnic, a Lavender Festival in Ojai or Shakespearean Theater in Topanga Canyon. Put an acorn in your pocket for goodluck!

Las Pilitas
The California Oak Foundation
Ojai Lavender Festival
Theatricum Botanicum

Roxana Illuminated Perfume™

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