Saturday, August 16, 2008


My dad e-mailed me the above photo this morning. It was taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 12, 1962. My great grandmother, Leonilda, is surrounded by all her great grandchildren, on her 90th birthday. She holds a little two months old infant in her delicate arms. That little infant is me, supposedly the earliest photo that exists of Roxana on Spaceship Planet Earth.

We are off this morning to go watch my daughter Eve perform in "The Taming of the Shrew" at the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum. She has been part of the High School Summer Repertoire and has her first performance today. Afterward we are off to lunch en masse to begin the celebratory day.

I haven't been writing much here at the blog. This morning I realized it is because I am in the thick of the second Artist's Way journey, The Vein of Gold. I write every morning in my journal as well as do a variety of other assigned tasks. All of it combined with the regular workload and new and exciting projects compete for blog time.

What story threads shall I weave together to create a perfume to honor the day? I will begin with something warm and golden for the Leo Sun, Vanilla and Labdanum will work. A little Jasmine sambac because I ADORE it so much and works with the Piscean elements and the feminine. On the top I'll use some pink peppercorn, wild orange and a little fresh ginger. Off to put this botanical perfume together as a solid. I'll give you all the formula once it has been manifested.

Thank you Dad for sending me the picture with your birthday wishes today!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You!
And your post made me go back and visit Jasmine Sambac again. What a treasure, indeed!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Andy! Back from your holiday I take it. I must travel over to your blog and read about your adventures. I've been such a hermit lately.
Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. Jasmine sambac, I swoon at the thought of it. My potted Jasmine sambacs drop the little blossoms daily. I pick them up dutifully each morning and afternoon and either put them on the altar or in little bowls around the house. What a sublime aroma!

Anonymous said...

Ah... I am getting jealous now: I bought a jasmine (xyz...just a simple one) plant and it is outside since May and it just won't bring out any flowers. It is luscious green and thriving , but no flowers. It is the light and warmth that's missing. Time to take her and fly south ;-)

Illuminated Perfume said...

Indeed, the hot dry climate here works well for this Arabian beauty.