Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Wolf Moon

“The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.”
~ Frederic Lawrence Knowles quotes

Up in the starry heavens the moon is full this evening, lighting up the night with her silvery luminosity. This moon goes by many names including: Old Moon, Moon after Yule, Old Winter Moon, Storm Moon, Cold Moon and my favorite Wolf Moon.

On this Full Moon Helg over at Perfume Shrine has posted her favorite things of 2008 as part of a group blogging project. I am happy to share that our Sierra Solid Gold perfume is on her list under Favorite Portable Obsession. You'll find Sierra Solid Gold perfume at my etsy site as a mini or in an antiqued compact, link below. This perfume has become a favorite in our line.

Getting back to this evenings lunacy, my 2009 Llewelyn's Datebook references the Wolf Moon to the wild winter wind which is akin to a wolfs howl. Auspiciously air element whipped through here with tremendous force last night, and continues a bit tonight.

This first full moon of 2009 is in it's home sign of intuitive and emotional Cancer during the coldest portion of the season.

The image above is by Maestro Gregorio, he created it for a young adult book called By These Ten Bones. I've always had a fondness for the piece and am thrilled to use it to illustrate this post.

Using the metaphor in the illustration consider doing some journey work this evening by the silver light of this exceptionally powerful moon invoking a cloak of protection for you and your family. Call upon your guides and power animal to help you.

Image ©Greg Spalenka:

Perfume Shrine: 2008 Favorites List
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