Friday, February 13, 2009

Chaparral at +Q Perfume

Simone at the +Q Perfume blog has written a two part segment titled "When Cowboys Meet Indians" featuring both Andy Tauer and myself. The first part was a tribute to the Cowboy and Andy's fragrance Lonestar Memories. Today she published the second portion which focuses on Indians and the liquid version of our fragrance Chaparral®.
Follow this link to read today's portion, or this link to read both part one and two.

Interesting how Chaparral® is getting so much attention all of a sudden, must be on the air.

It is an honor to be associated with my dear friend and colleague Andy Tauer. I am so grateful for Simone's piece, she really captured the spirit and essence of Chaparral®. While you are over at her blog check out some of the other items she has written about. The interview with the author of "What the Nose Knows" Avery Gilbert of is particularly fascinating. I had the pleasure to meet Avery here in LA at a presentation and this past autumn during the NYC Sniffapalooza Fall Ball. I highly recommend "What the Nose Knows", I received it for Christmas and have just begun reading it.

+Q Perfume Blog
Lonestar Memories by Andy Tauer
Andy Tauer website & blog
Chaparral® is available in a variety of sizes at my Etsy shop.
Avery Gilbert

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