Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Mark of Trade

I received official word that the trademark filing for the word chaparral within the use of perfumery has gone through. Hurray!

It was back in October of 2006 that this perfume was birthed, shortly after creating the Oak perfume currently known as Q. Read a detailed account of the creative process with the creation of this fragrance over at the Perfume Critic.

The word refers to the biome known as the chaparral in California. A biome is a community of distinctive plants due to specific climatic conditions. Besides California the chaparral biome is found in South America, South Africa, Australia and the Mediterranean.

Last week we also received a message from the administrators at Etsy that our Chaparral® Solid Perfume had been nominated for an Etsy Gift Guide. The photo of the antiqued compact is featured in the "Her" Gift Guide. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

We give a percentage of the profits from the liquid perfume of Chaparral® to the Chaparral Institute. This organization is a group of scientists, wildland firefighters, naturalist, and educators who value the chaparral as both a valuable resource and a place to enjoy the wilderness.

Read more about our Chaparral
® Perfume here at our journal, on our website and at our Etsy shoppe.

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