Tuesday, April 7, 2009

EGG hunt for Bath & Beauty!

When I became a seller on Etsy I read that joining an Etsy team was a good way to network within the community. After looking through the vast listings of teams I choose the Etsy Green and Clean Guild.

"The Etsy Green and Clean Guild was formed in 2006 (?) and is the only Etsy street team for sellers specializing in soapmaking, perfume, cosmetics, herbal products who have also committed to serve as advocates for Truth in Advertising and full ingredient disclosure for bath and beauty products. We also have as our goal to educate the public about the merits of well-crafted products from small businesses who care about their customers, as well as to promote Etsy in general."

We are currently doing an easter egg hunt giveaway for three large bags of Bath and Body products from our team members. If you love handmade beauty then head on over to our team blog and forum thread and get your basket out. Time to go a huntin'.

Easter Egg Hunt link
Egg Hunt link at the Etsy Forums

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