Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scent of the Day: OAK

For the scent of the next few days I'm choosing Q, the botanical perfume devoted to the Coastal Live Oak of California. The Celtic tree month of the Oak isn't until June, we are currently in the Alder phase. The oak, with it's association to strength feels like a good one.

Here is what the renown faerie artist Wendy Froud has to say about our Oak perfume, Q:

"I love fragrances and everything that my favorite ones evoke but I was truly captivated by Roxana's Q perfume the first time I experienced it. It evokes something ancient and at the same time very intimate and personal. To me it's a "remembered" fragrance that taps into the green world of Faerie in the same way that a painting or sculpted image can. When I wear it, which is often, I feel closer to that elusive and magical world."

Wendy and Brain will be making an appearance at the Trolls and Legends Festival in Belgium. Here's this from the website:
"Around the theme of Faery, enter the world of Fantasy and live three days in the universe of fairies and elfs with, concerts, animations, a games convention, many entertainments for everyone, a fairy market and about fifty authors for an unforgettable moment!"

I wanna go! Here's a link.

Froud website
Image above is ©Brain Froud

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