Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Knock on Wood

On this Wednesday I am working on the Forest accord which is contained within the Sierra liquid perfume. Sierra liquid perfume is the most complex out of all the fragrances I have created. So complex in fact that the formula is contained within a binder devoted souly to her.

Sierra's early form was a bath salt and scrub I created back in 2000 titled Forest. Due to customer demand I modified the original blueprint to develop the liquid perfume. I began by utilizing the original Forest accord for the bath salts. This accord is what I am preparing more of today, for the perfume as well as the bath and salt scrubs.

For the updated version of the bath and salt scrubs I am also infusing some of my jojoba oil with benzoin and frankincense. Now is a particularly good time for infusing and tincturing due to the position of the Moon.

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The term "knock on wood" may have been derived from the Celtic peoples belief that trees have the power to heal humans. The Celtic tree alphabet called the Ogham was a secret a ritualistic language. I have referred to the Ogham extensively here with entires corresponding to the Celtic Tree Calendar. Currently we are in the middle of the fifth month associated with Saille, the Willow.

"Willow and the Rowan Tree, Were tardy in array."
~ from the ancient Celtic poem The Battle of the Trees

The etymology of the word willow is rather complex but appears to stem from "withy" meaning to bend. Wicker furniture was originally created utilizing willow switches.

The Willow is part of the Salicacae family which includes two genera Salix and Populus. In botanical perfume, we have a Poplar essential oil that could be utilized if one were creating a magical perfume attributed to the Willow. Poplar is contained in our Sierra liquid perfume.

Willows are found near water and thus symbolically are connected with knowledge and spiritual growth. Other associations include: protection, healing, and cycles. Most often these cycles appear in relationship to mysterious associated with women, like the moon. The white willow tree is also referred to as The Tree of Enchantment and connected to the White Lady. If you have a willow tree nearby, give the tree an offering, select a shoot and tie a loose knot while intending your wish. Once the wish has been granted, express your gratitude to the tree and untie the knot. Tonight I'll be delving into water element and partaking in a bath with my Fresh bath salts as I invoke the White Lady.

The leaves and bark of this tree have been utilized by the Assyrians, Sumerians, and the Egyptians for aches and pains. In fact the origins of aspirin are preparations with white willow bark. The main chemical component in white willow bark is salicin which was isolated in 1828 to create the synthetic, patented version we all now refer to as aspirin. Willow is also utilized for the charcoal many artists use for drawing. Willow nectar is especially appreciated by the apis kingdom, the bees, for making honey.

The Scent for Today is Sierra liquid perfume or GreenWitch, devoted to the White Lady.

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