Friday, April 24, 2009

Ode to the TREES

On planet Earth today we celebrate the trees! Those beloved beings that give us oxygen, shade, fruit, wood, and provide homes to many creatures. Thus, the scent for today is the botanical perfume Q, devoted to the California native Oak, the Coastal Live Oak Quercus agrifolia.

"I am the Lorax,
I speak for the trees,

for the trees have no tongues."
- Dr. Suess

Let's be crystal clear here, the Palm, more a grass than a tree, that has become emblematic with Los Angeles is not native to this region. Further south it is...but not in LA. Thousands, maybe more, native Oak trees have been removed for the sake of human housing and industry. To add insult to injury folk have been removing oaks and replacing them with palms to create an "exotic" feel to their homes. Hello? Even the City of LA does this! Oak trees give us shade, convert Co2 into oxygen, provide homes to beneficial insects and wildlife and aesthetically work beautifully with other native plants to bestow an authentic style to a Los Angeles home.

Kill your lawn, go native!

The word Oak in the Celtic language is Duir meaning door. My path to awareness of the California Oak and native plants began with this gracious tree. Read more about this at the links provided below.

Anoint yourself today with the the botanical perfume Q, connecting to the energetics of the Mighty Oak. Open the Duirwaigh. A percentage of the profits from every 1/4 oz flacon of Q sold is given to the California Oak Foundation.

I leave you with this clip from Lord of the Rings.

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