Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's Dance!

"Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind."
~ Seals & Crofts

The Jasmine sambac plants in my garden have all decided to begin flowering. A little late this year, not sure why, perhaps because now that I am back from various travels they are getting consistent water.

I adore Jasmine sambac both as a fresh flower and as a single note perfume. The heavy, rich, sweet, floral, green note is a favorite of mine as a botanical perfume artist. Jasmine sambac is like the color pthalo blue and green in my paintings, a reoccurring theme.

The botanical perfume I have created that features this heavenly note in abundance is Cimbalom, created almost a year ago for my birthday. She can also be noted in Lyra (both liquid and solid) and in smaller quantities in Vespertina, Aurora, Vera and Rosa.

Some consider Jasmine the Queen of the Night because a few varieties bloom in the evening, impregnating the air with her sultry aroma. Beckoning you to depart from the mental filled duties of our daily lives she asks you come dance a more creative, sensuous life.

The Scent of the day, is Jasmine! I suggest dancing the weekend in with Cimbalom, she contains three varieties of Jasmine and will facilitate in transcending you from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Images: Fresh Jasmine sambac flowers in Eve's hands, Heaven painting , 1 gram bottle of Lyra Botanical perfume and Cimbalom perfume in the compact with hand crochet pouch. All images ©RoxanaVilla.

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