Friday, September 25, 2009

Peace Train

On Monday the perfume devoted to Peace was released with a grand welcome mat by the perfume blogging community. Ten individuals received the three main chords (accords) and the final perfume to review. These ten individuals represent the first circle in a series of concentric circles. Want to be part of the next circle? First you need a sample of the perfume, how about entering the giveaway at the link provided.

Next, I invite you to come on the Peace Train and take a tour of the reviews, while on the tour here is Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens).

A few tidbits from the reviews:

Bitter Grace Notes

"My predominant impression is one of profound serenity. There is just enough of the scent to sample on the flesh; as it warms and unfurls, a significant sense of well-being unfolds with it. It feels earthy, but not precisely of this Earth." ~ Chaya

"The peace perfume opens with a surprisingly snappy citrus chord. I was expecting something quiet, even soporific, but the top notes here suggest joy and exhilaration--a nice way of recognizing that peace is an active good, a state that promotes happiness." ~Maria

Cleveland Examiner

"There is something in the alchemy of this perfume that is a shamanic template for personal power, a prayer for the fullest flowering of human expression and a wish for peace between us all. It is my fondest hope that you will feel moved to experience it's magic for yourself." ~ Beth

Portland Examiner

"It is very complex, with a woody base, a soft honeyed floral heart and just a bit of tingling citrus at the opening before the heart notes begin to emerge. The solid version is quite dfferent from the liquid, for the citrus is very muted and the honeyed aspect comes to the forefront. The perfume is sweet but not sugary, bolstered as it is by the gorgeous dark wood in the base and the hint of smoke. It changes on the skin from moment to moment, mysterious and mesmerizing. The three chords have fused to become something of great beauty in this perfume. Its name is not a word, but the universal Peace sign." ~ Donna

Indie Perfumes

It seems very autumnal, ripe with spicy sweetness and calm, and reminds me of hay heated in the sun and honey and cinnamon on dark bread." ~Lucy

Memory and Desire

"Here's toRoxana Villa's Perfume for Peace, which is not only inspired by a good cause, it's a gorgeous fragrance that incorporates some of the elements of Roxana's natural perfumery that I most love: the euphoric citrus notes and spicy, vivid heart are tempered harmoniously by rich woods." ~Heather

and this comment left by heather's husband Jason:

I was lucky enough to try some of Ms. Villa's perfume for peace. It is a real treat and wears very warm on this man. It opens like an spicy, orange tea left to steep in a fresh-wood cup. The hyphen is important here because the wood notes have a leafy green quality I can't place and makes them very different from the smokier wood scents of other perfumes. The citrus notes do not sour or vanish, but instead settle into a pleasant corona. The whole of the scent remains vibrant and warm long after the edges of the spices have been trimmed and the woods aged and burnished. "

Perfume Shrine

"The perfume was orchestrated like a symphony with three complex chords of base, middle and top notes. Each chord contains up to seven different essences which come from all parts of the world and what I personally get is an earthy floriental (with a delectable neroli and possibly petit-grain with coriander/ginger opening? Roxana didn't specify but it's piquant!) on a smooth, smoky tobacco-vanillic woods aftertaste (sandalwood? and probably also rosewood in the middle?). It consolidates my faith in Roxana's woody blends and seems like a great, sweet fit for moving into the autumnal season." Helg

Scent Hive

"A gentle call to attention if you will. From this piquant, spicy citrus, emerge lovely florals and woods which was revealed to me as vintage Mysore sandalwood after I wore the fragrance for a few hours. Honestly, I would have guessed oud with its tangy yet dried woodiness. Smooth vanilla enhances the drydown, so if you like a honeyed, balsamic end to your fragrance, this Perfume for Peace might be one to consider." ~Trish

Perfume Smellin' Things

"...the opening is sparkly citrus (I think orange and lemon, but Roxana has not listed notes as of today the 18th, so I may fall flat on my face on this one..) cut with vanilla, and the drydown features some of the smoky woods she does so well." ~Tom

The Non-Blonde
"I liked it instantly, from the bright and spicy citrus opening that smells alive, happy and invigorating to the sumptuous drydown that is everything I love: Mysore sandalwood (vintage, the real thing), tobacco and vanilla bean. It's sweet, comforting and joyous." ~Gaia


Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Oh this sounds lovely! What great reviews. I especially like this line: "It opens like an spicy, orange tea left to steep in a fresh-wood cup."

Peace Train is one of my all-time favorite songs. :-)

Illuminated Perfume said...

I too love that bit of writing in Jason's comment about the perfume, it is so beautiful!