Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Dance in the Woods

"First and foremost wood is matter and is in India the symbol of the universal substance, the prima materia. In Ancient Greece, hyle, which carries the meaning of primordial matter literally means "wood". This quote is from my Penguin Dictionary of Symbols book. I placed it here to announce that Chaparral® Botanical liquid perfume has now re-manifested, in it's third edition.

It seems particularly fitting that Chaparral® re-enter this earthly plane now in the Autumn. This is the best season to begin or add to your native California garden. The Theodore Payne Foundation has their once a year sale this month on natives and offers a host of classes to learn how to switch your water loving garden to wonderland of our very own native plants. Chaparral® botanical perfume was created to celebrate and bring attention the benefits of the wild and wonderous world of California natives.

Also the time of year when the trees transition from wearing their green cloaks to a colorful display before being put to rest. Chaparral® perfume is an aromatic song that takes one to the woods, the splendor of the trees and all it's woodland flora and fauna.

In the third edition I simplified and restructured the formula a bit. It took a few formulations to get it to my liking, which is why it has taken so long to release. In my opinion this is the best edition yet, I look forward to hearing what you all think and feel about the latest edition.

The fragrance family is wood, which I hear has become a trend. The main fragrance notes are: Bay, Sage, Frankincense and Wood. The evolution on my skin is particularly interesting as it moves from Citrus and Spice to Herb and dry vegetative Wood. A dance in the woods. I have utilized tinctures that I have made myself using sustainably, wild harvested and organic plant material including Bay and White Sage. There is also a unique Wood accord I created that is in this formula as well as the solid.

The solid and liquid formulas are almost identical, except for the tinctures and a few extra top notes. The solid layers well over the liquid and with other illuminated perfumes. Woods have a way of being somewhat neutral and work in harmony with other notes. Give the layering a try and let me know what your favorite combos are.

Images: All photos ©RoxanaVilla, The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke painting by Richard Dadd and cowboy image by Greg Spalenka. The college on parchment with old engravings is by me, Roxana Villa.

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