Thursday, December 2, 2010

Popular Demand

For the last month or so it's been a whirlwind here in the woodland apothecary. Orders have been flooding in from all over the world. Last year I hit my goal of selling to all fifty states, next goal is to have sold in every country of the world.

Some of the items that many of you have been requesting are in the shop while others are temporarily unavailable.

New in stock is a solid natural perfume eco luxe sampler which includes every solid mini perfume in the E-shop. I've also got more honey bee lockets in both vivid green and royal purple.

Temporarily out of stock are the perfume compacts and the perfume lockets. Both are on order and might just be back in stock by the morrow. The lockets will be available in the Floral tapestry and the newer Victorian diamond design.

My scent of the day began with some Rosa from late night perfume making. Now I am off to make Chaparral, Lyra, Page 47, Aurora among others. I've also had sudden inspiration on something new, more details on that latter. Happy Jupiter day!


mermaiden said...

I'm delighted at your abundance! I have any of your labdanum scents on my wish list ;]

Angela Cox said...

You'll be able to count my town in after Christmas . At this time the British P.O is in crisis and I am still waiting for an Etsy purchase from three months ago. I adore those bee pots.