Friday, November 25, 2011

Gift Guide: Mermaids and Sea Nymphs

Another collection of handmade beauties from Etsy. This one is for the Mermaiden or Sea Nymph on your list. Me, I'd like some of those chocolate seashells please.

NEW CLASSIC CLUTCH by Upstyle in San Diego
Blue Waters -- Photographic Print 4x6 by Kties in Croatia
Fossil Coral Ring in Sterling with 14kt Gold by Betsy Bensen in Portland, Oregon
Five Edible Chocolate Filled Seashells Samples by Andie's Specialty Sweets in Los Angeles, CA
Urchin Bowl and Votive Holder by Element Clay Studio in Asheville, North Carolina
GreenWitch Solid Natural Perfume Compact from my shop

GreenWitch Illumination, Limited Edition Print by Spalenka

For her I've selected GreenWitch solid, a Sea Chypre which featuring seaweed absolute. If you listen closely you just might hear the call of the sea.

1 comment:

betsy bensen said...

a beautiful aquatic collection, very much conjuring up the deep blue sea. Thanks so much for including my ring. I think those chocolates look too good to eat. Maybe buy some to eat and some to just look at every day!