Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fluid flow

In an effort to make the business more efficient I have changed the packaging of the 1 gram vials of liquid, natural perfume. In the past I was using the folded pink enclosures that I would print out, fold and assemble.

For years I've had little glassine envelopes pinned on my bulletin board here in the studio to make the shift. Thus, now when you order a 1 gram vial it will arrive with the set of three little info cards. I am working to remove as much plastic.

Next up, the natural tubs, referred to as Honey Bee Pots, are going to be replaced by glass. More fluid flow, streamlining, is on the horizon...inch by inch, brick by brick.


womo531 said...

The new packaging looks good!

womo531 said...

The new packaging looks great!

ChatterBlossom said...

So glad you are switching to glass! Those will be so pretty too!
And I loved the info cards that came with my perfume. They are beautiful and lined up on my dresser with each little fragrance on top.