Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chocolate please!

After much research and speaking with experts I have reformulated the chocolate solid natural perfumes with apparent success. Before putting them in the shop I thought I'd get some feedback from all you lovely folks as well as take some time to observe them a bit.

Whose game? I have sixteen pink pots to share. If you would like one, I will include one in every order over $50 as of today at 1pm PST, as long as you tell me you heard about the chocolates here at the journal. I will also give what is left away.

For the giveaway your task is to e-mail me (roxanailluminatedperfumecom) or leave a comment answering at least one of the following questions, the more you answer the more importance you will be given:

1. Did you sample any of the first edition chocolate solid perfumes? If so what did you like best and what did you like least?

2. Do you prefer a chocolate solid perfume, a chocolate body butter or both?

3. Is there a particular fragrance you would like to experience as a chocolate solid perfume?

Everyone who enters will be put into the randomizer to select the sixteen winners. Please make sure to provide your contact information so that in the event you are a winner. This special and giveaway ends when all sixteen samples have been spoken for.

Here's a detailed post about the original chocolate natural perfumes that debuted back in Autumn of 2010.

Photos: RoxanaVilla

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