Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Basket

Monday through Friday I pack up perfume and art orders, or if things are really busy,  I make perfume and have an assistant pack up the orders. All the packages, unless they are larger boxes, get put into one of several woven baskets that get carried into the post office.

If I am the one making the post office drop, from there I will often head over to the market and pick up items that we may need that were not obtained at the farmers market on Saturday. This is what occurred today, the market was our local Trader Joes and instead of taking in reusable canvas bags I took the basket. I was only purchasing a few things so it was much more convenient to have my basket instead of using one of the stores or a shopping cart.

The gal at the register commented on how smart I was to use the basket and also that it looked really "chic." She also asked if I had lived in Europe. I answered that I hadn't lived in Europe but that I was from Buenos Aires and often went shopping with my grandmother to all the different food shops: bakery, butcher, cheese, etc.

As I walked back to the car I began to wonder if it was my Argentine background, having been a parent of a child who attended a Waldorf school (baskets are really popular) or was it an aesthetic thing weaved with environmental awareness? Most likely it's all of the above with the Waldorf quotient having the most weight.

I hope each of you is mindful when you shop, its now so easy to be conscious of avoiding plastic and paper, even though they are recyclable.

Photo: Rebecca Fishman

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